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Hello my name is Sophie and I am very grateful to write you guys a testimonial today :-) I used to be the tallest girl since I was in kindergarten. In high school I noticed I did not grow at all from 14 to 16 years old. I became very worried if I might have stopped growing (I was 164cm). I start to google everything about puberty and bones growing subjects on the internet and I can say, The desire of growing taller became my dream lol. Later I found peak height on the internet and saw lots of good reviews about it so I decided to give it a shot. No significant result for the first two months but I felt my bones were healthier and stronger. After an other two months of summer vacation I measured myself one day, and my surprise I went from 164 cm to 167 cm!!!! HOLLY COW I was sooo happy for the whole week and told everyone about it. 3 cm was really something and I only took peak height for 4 months! And the result came quicker than I hoped! I will continue to take this supplement until I reach my ideal height. You will be surprised with the good result too! Give Peak height a shot!