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Peak Height Maximizer is the #1 height supplement and grow taller pill.




With aspiring results in mind i decided to try peak height, 3 pills a day with lunch not so hard right? Well that’s where my experience began…I have to admit there were ups and downs while taking peak height, at first i had my hopes up and expected the best, unfortunately by the first month i didn’t receive the results i wanted, to my dismay i gave it up and didn’t look back.

This is when EVERYTHING CHANGED, in the few weeks that came after that i had grown 2 inches!!! To my surprise peak height was working, it only was an after-effect program (as to say when you finish the program your body self regulates and grows as such) I take peak height a full month then give myself a week to recover and grow and i’ve seen fantastic results, so far i’ve grown about 3 and 1/2 inches and i still haven’t finished month 3!!! I await to see my results at the end of this last month, and for any others interested in this alternative, i implore you to give it a shot, you might not see it the first month, but keep at it and you might be surprised by the results you see