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Can you be Taller than your Identical Twin?

February 3, 2011 Everyone assumes that if you are a twin, you look the same and are the same height as your brother or sister. This is not entirely true, a new medical study examined 565 pairs of twins and measured their height with their shoes off. They found an 11% variation in height among […]

Lack of Vitamin D due to Clothing Stunts Height Growth

January 24, 2011 An interesting study from the Journal of Nutrition showed that adolescent girls with lower vitamin D levels did not grow as tall as their classmates. The study looked at people from Turkey where it is common for young girls to wear concealing clothing for religious reasons. The girls who wore the concealing […]

Increase Height Through Spine Stretches

January 22, 2011 Back exercises have long been used to stretch the spine for low back pain, but can these exercises actually increase spine height through stretching? A new study suggests that stretching exercises can increase spine height and thus lead to overall height increase. The study used 20 women and 21 men with an […]

Does Vitamin D Actually Make You Taller

January 19, 2011 A new study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism seems to suggest just that. The study was composed of 90 females ages 16-22 and showed that those with increasing levels of vitamin D were taller than those who had low levels of vitamin D. In the study, approximately 59% of […]